Scrap Store

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The Client

The ScrapStore is a children's charity in Bristol which was set up in 1982. They accept most kinds of waste materials which they then recycle and sell to the public as Arts & Crafts materials.

The Brief

To design a new logo and two pieces of direct mail targeting both potential waste material donators and Scrap Store customers.

The Result

My solution to the brief was to create characters, Scrappy and The Inventor. The two characters work together forming the overall logo for the Scrap Store.

The characters will then be used as individual pieces of direct mail to appeal to both Scrap Store customers and Scrap Store donators.

By turning the logo into two separate interactive puppets allows The Scrap Store to get all the relevant information to the appropriate target audiences whilst being fun and engaging and in-keeping with the ethos of the Scrap Store.

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