More Doesn't Mean More

As a small business or start up, social media is one of the most powerful business marketing tools at you disposable, but are you making the most of it?

Your social media business pages should be a key part of your marketing plan. They allow you to keep not only your current customers up to date with your business, but also give you the potential to reach out to new customers.

By posting interesting content regularly you will see your following increase. Unsure if you're doing the right things? Here are my tips on how to get noticed:

- Ensure your business pages ARE business pages. This allows you to see audience insights (ie: what times are best to post to target your audience, what age groups are responding to your posts etc) and boost your posts to target a larger audience.

- Make sure your logo and header are in-keeping with your companies branding.

- Post interesting content. You want you feeds to be an enjoyable mix of 'behind the scenes' photos, industry tips, poles and competitions. Try not to make everything too sales like or your audience will lose interest.

- More doesn't mean more! Posting 10 times a day doesn't mean you will get seen. You will see a much better result from posting interesting and engaging content consistently. I recommend 1 post 5 days a week. (Make sure to check your 'insights' to see when these days & times are!)

- Plan, Plan & Plan. Sit down first thing on a Monday morning, plan your social media for the week ahead and get it scheduled. This then means you're free the rest of the week to focus on other things.

- You'll see the best results from being consistent. Audiences will forget about businesses that post regularly for weeks then get 'too busy' to keep up with it. Consistency is key.

Follow these tips and watch your following increase - BE WARNED that making your social media a success takes time and effort so, be prepared for the work.

Unsure where to start or simply don't have the time? Get in touch to learn more about my Social Media Care Packages!

Have a great week,


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