Let's Go!

Welcome to my 1st blog post!

Graphic design & marketing is my passion and I love seeing small self made businesses succeed.

Over the years I've met many business owner types - The kind that understand the importance of design & marketing, the kind that know it's vital but wish they had a better understanding, the kind that wish they had more time to give it the attention it needs... The list goes on..

No matter what kind of owner you are it's a fact that any business needs promoting. (If you're a business that has been closed for a long period due to Covid-19 it could be vital that you step up your marketing efforts to get back lost custom.) However not everyone has the budget to hire someone to take care of this side of the business.

Fortnightly I'll be publishing short and easy to understand blog posts that will allow you to make quick small changes to your marketing and design, helping your business get noticed.

These posts will include:

  • Social media - It's importance and how to make the most of it

  • What makes a strong brand?

  • How to make your logo stand out

  • How to quickly improve you SEO

Be sure to come back regularly for new posts - or sign up to my fortnightly emails (follow the link at the bottom of the home page) where I'll email you the blog post plus other important pieces of design & marketing information and offers.

Have a great week!


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